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"HD-610 Walk with the Masters" - Dream Come True in Daocheng Aden Plateau


The last Shangri-La in the blue earth
In Autumn of 2016, 10 top photographers have joined the Jinbei discovery team to the Daocheng Aden Plateau.
The powerful sunshine, cold weather, rugged road and high altitude became great challenge to both our crew and our new HD-610 battery monolight.
“I was surprised to see the stunning performance of HD-610 in a place upon 4,000 meters above sea level. I can barely open my eyes against the sunshine here, luckly the 1/8000s HSS covered the enviroment light perfectly to make the model stand out in the photo”
By Ruanyin Zhao, in Daocheng Aden Plateau
"I have been working as an outdoor photographer for many years, strong and flexibile is always the first priority I look into the flash light. Happy to see both on HD-610, you can carry this monolight easily on your shoulder and survive the toss on the road and an unexpected hard wind during photo shooting."
By Ming Yao, in Daocheng Aden Plateau
"The battery of HD-610 is definitely a bonus. For outdoor photography you need the battery to support the light, especially when the temperature or air pressure changed quickly. The battery life is also very important because in worst case you won't be able to charge your battery, and HD-610 has proved itself in the plateau."
By Jiamin Wang, in Daocheng Aden Plateau